Custom Cursor Drawing

Alyssa Foote

Art Director & Illustrator

WIRED Magazine – Motion Designs

I worked with the editorial and social teams to animate and art direct motion designs for editorial content on both the website and social media feeds. I also had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing artists to animate their original designs for WIRED opinion pieces. 
Roles: Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Design, Brand Identity, Art Commissions 
Artwork: See credits below

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01_JPay -> Artwork created by Liam Cobb (commissioned by Beth Holzer), animations by Alyssa Foote / 02_AjitPai -> Created in collaboration with Ben Bours / 03_PhoneAddiction -> Cover artwork by RADIO, all following illustrations and motion design by Alyssa Foote / 04_FuturePredictions -> Created in collaboration with Ben Bours / 05_XI.AI and CRISPR Instagram Stories -> XI.AI created in collaboration with Ben Bours, CRISPR designed and animated by Alyssa Foote / 06-> Artwork commissioned by Beth Holzer, animated by Alyssa Foote / 07_Apple -> Artwork by Sarah M, animations by Alyssa Foote / 08_NetNeutrality -> Graphics and animations by Alyssa Foote /