Custom Cursor Drawing

Alyssa Foote

Art Director & Illustrator

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. I worked with the brand team to redesign Khan Academy’s visual identity and raise the vibes throughout the organization. My focus was on creating distinctive and comprehensive illustration systems throughout the org that enriched the educational content for the brand. I was also the co-host of Khan Academy’s wildly popular and very important and cool WKHN news team.
Role: Senior Brand Designer
Team: Brand Team 
Illustrators: Alyssa Foote, Juan Ocampo, Irene Wang

Brand Refresh

I worked closely with the brand team to help re-envision and create Khan Academy’s new visual language. This brand redesign has it all: cool new avatars for users, custom illustrations made in house, a color system with delicious names, and snappy illustrations (with lots of alligators sprinkled in.) We worked closely with the product, marketing, philanthropy, engineering and editorial to make this magic happen! Shout out to my MPP Gators: Warren Schultheis, Talia Eisenberg, and Irene Wang!

Social Media Revamp

I led the redesign for our social media channels to reflect our new brand identity. I worked closely with the social media team to provide creative direction and visual strategy to evolve the look and feel for our channels, leading to stronger visuals that led to a significant boost in engagement and a better brand experience for our learners. Shout out to Stephanie Yamkovenko! #Dancefrog and #Yeehonk Forever.

Course Unit Icons

Prior to the brand redesign, there was no uniform system in place for course unit icons on the website. The icons were a mix of photographs, collages, and many different styles of illustrations. To rectify this, I redesigned the icons to make them consistent, align with our brand, and be easy to comprehend.

New Learner Avatars

I worked with the product team (shout out to Juan Ocampo for his illustration skills and Jeff Walls for his naming conventions) to create a special series of brand new avatars for our learners that reflected the new brand guidelines. 

Editorial Illustrations

I worked with teams throughout the org to create custom editorial illustrations and visual content for marketing campaigns and educational content. I also art directed and worked with external artists to create custom illustrations for the site.